About the Book

Fascinating, illustrated, inspirational, beautifully written true story, about a woman born without limbs as a result of Thalidomide, interspersed with the factual history surrounding this contentious drug. Rosaleen, a strong willed daughter, wife, mother and respected businesswoman, born into an Irish immigrant family, writes about her life and the journey of Thalidomide from Nazi Germany to now.

2 Responses to “About the Book”

  1. Martin Says:

    Four Fingers and Thirteen Toes
    This is a must for all to read. If you saw the news the other week, and you have read the book you will see that what it says in the book, is true. I think all the Governments from all over the world are just like what Hitler’s government did to all the Jews in the early 1950s. I myself I’m not happy with the British Government and what is happening to all the Thalidomide people. The Government should stop saying sorry for their mistake and give the Thalidomide People all the help they need like Housing and Mobility. I would like to say when I read the book it opened my eyes and you get drawn into the story and find it’s very interesting. It’s what the Government was like in the 1950s, nothing has changed and now it’s 2009.

    I would like to say I have met and know Rosie and she is a remarkable lady, and she had a fantastic mother and father. Rosie has never moaned about her Disability. She has got on with her life, got married to a great man, and is a Mother herself and went to University. I could go on about Rosie as she is a great friend to have who is always there to help me if I need her.

  2. rosaleenmoriartysimmonds Says:

    Thank you Martin for your kind comments, I am delighted you enjoyed reading my book.

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